Backup Methods

Backup Methods


Hot Backup ? What does it means?

  In Today’s IT world ,most enterprises demand for this type of Backup software which support HOT Backup technology. Hot Backup means the backup which is performed during the application in working state. In this backup process server or online user does not need to stop there working process .Because of this objective this type of backup software are more effective for the enterprises.


Advantage of Hot Backup is , Administrator’s does not need to spend more time after shifts specially for the backup task. Most of application like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database ,Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and much more other Application’s .This all application supports HOT backup.


How HOT Backup Works ?

  In HOT Backup process ,Point in Time (PIT) Technology that creates a frozen image of application data. This process takes only minute to complete. After this snapshot the actually Backup process starts ,it create the Backup by using this Snapshot.

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