FarStone Releases VirtualDrive CD/DVD Emulation Software V16.10 for Windows 10

VirtualDrive, one of the original virtual CD/DVD software first released in 1996, now supports Windows 10 and comes with new features and enhancements.


 Use CD/DVD without the need of DVD drive

FarStone Technology, known for their refined VirtualDrive virtual CD/DVD and TotalRecovery PC system backup solutions, has released VirtualDrive 16.10. VirtualDrive converts a CD, DVD or Blu-ray as a compressed image, or “virtual CD”, which can be played on a “virtual drive” that the software creates.

Virtual CDs run directly on the hard drive with access speed nearly 200 times faster than CD-ROMs, accelerating performance for PC games, video CDs, photo CDs, and CD/DVD-based applications.

“We are pleased to announce the release of version 16.10 of VirtualDrive that supports the coming Windows 10. ” said Peter Lin, Product Manager of FarStone. VirtualDrive allows users to use ISO files immediately without needing a DVD drive or burn to DVD discs. In addition to bug fixes, there are some new features added in this new release. “Users will be happy with our new release” said Peter Lin.

VirtualDrive 16 Main Features:

  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Use DVD ISO image electronically without the need of a DVD drive or DVD disc
  • Make unique customized virtual CD/DVD images
  • No noise, no tear and no lost CD/DVD
  • Perfect Pad and computers without a DVD drive
  • Play up to 23 virtual CD/DVDs simultaneously
  • Share CD/DVDs on a network
  • Hot-key for hard-core CD/DVD users and gamers
  • Automatically load and insert virtual CD/DVDs into virtual drives upon system startup
  • Portability and Convenience
  • VirtualDrive Network edition for easy management of virtual CD/DVD/BDs for multiple users

virtualdrive box

Use CD/DVD without the need of DVD drive