PerfectDefrag™ completely defrags a hard drive

FarStone PerfectDefrag will 100% defrag all files on a hard drive. A hard drive with perfectdefag will run up to 20% faster.


Perfect Defrag ensures your HDD or SSD is completed defragged (has no fragmentations). A perfect defrag drive runs 20% faster than a drive with fragmentations. DriveClone incorporates Pefect Disk Defrag unique feature, it will defrag all files on your HDD on memory before copy to target cloned drive, which ensures there is no fragmentation (100% defragged) on the cloned new drive. Peferct Defrag uses memory as temp. space for defragmentation. It won’t write temp files or sectors to HDD or SSD, to assure your HDD or SSD life is not affected.


TotalRecovery Pro and DriveClone completely defrags (Perfect Defrag) a HDD or SSD before writing to the cloned disk. A Perfect Defrag disk runs up to 20% faster.

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