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FarStone One is a system recovery software, it creates a recovery image on the system. User can restore files or the whole system, prevent system crash and data loss in one click.




FarStone One is a system recovery software, it creates a recovery image on the system. User can restore files or the whole system, prevent system crash and data loss in one click.
The recovery image includes system files, applications, favorites, emails, music, photos, movies, documents, and all partitions. What makes One different from others is that it is the PC recovery solution that creates a factory recovery image on the system. Users can restore files or the whole system any time any where with a hot-key. Create a recovery image on the system effectively gives you the ability to create an OEM factory recovery.

Patented Recovery Solution! Simply in One click!
FarStone One is the PC recovery solution home users and businesses to protect their system from system and data loss.!

What’s New for FarStone One 1.1 (2015 edition)?
  • Increase performance
  • Rapid Restore restoring a system in 3 minutes
Support Windows 7/8/8.1

Create a recovery image on a system, such as C:

Restore entire system with option to keep user files unchanged

Rapid Restore (restore a system in 3 minutes)

Compression, encryption, password protection, & integrity verification

Restore from boot menu (using a hot key)

Create bootable rescue media onto CD/DVD and external hard disk (excluding USB Flash)

Restore individual file(s) from image

View logs

Save recovery image on system and on external storage

Create multiple recovery images

Support Windows Server 2008/2012

Windows Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-v Servers

Create OEM Factory recovery image on your system!

Step 1-Install one

FarStone One restore files or the whole system in one click

Step 2-Create Recovery Image

Create a image on your system. The image will be saved on the C: partition or external storages.

Step 3-Restore System One Key

Restore entire system from boot menu in one click (using a hot key)!

Step 1-Rapid Restore

With Rapid Restore feature, it takes only a few minutes vs hours to restore a system.

Create recovery image on system or on external storage

System backup in one click.

File and system restore in one click

Restore files, folders or the whole system.

Key Feactures

Fast and Reliable Drive & Windows Cloning
Hard Drive to Hard Drive Cloning
Solid State Drive Cloning
Hard Drive to SSD Cloning
Cloned Hard Drive is Immediately Bootable
Clone Different Size Hard Drives and Solid State Drives
Clone the Entire Hard Drive & Windows
Clone to Bigger or Smaller Drive
Any Size Drive Cloning (>= 4TB drive)
Incremental Cloning
Convert to VMware & Hyper-v
Mirror Drive

0 Time Recovery (RTO) Technology

DriveClone creates a universal bootable Mirror Drive, the Mirror Drive will be able to immediately boot on different computers for 0 time (RTO) disaster recovery.
DriveClone is capable to clone system to a VMware or Hyper-v virtual image file. The virtual image file can be loaded & played directly in VMware and Hyper-v for 0 time (RTO) disaster recovery.

Smart Cloning Solution

DriveClone will 100% defrag all sectors before writing to the destination hard drive, boosts the cloned drive’s performance 20% faster.
DriveClone excludes unnecessary files from copying and cloning to destination drive, saving 10GB-70GB space.
DriveClone keeps the cloned drive in a “Universal Bootable Format”, allow it to boot on different computers;
making migrate/replace new PC simple and easy.
DriveClone allows excluding files from cloning.
DriveClone will automatically format and partitioning the destination hard drive according to the source hard drive partition structure.
Automatically or manually partition(s) resizing

Powerful Cloning Solution

Clone Microsoft Exchange Server (with database, mailbox and email)
Clone Microsoft SharePoint Server (with database, site and document clone)
Clone Microsoft SQL Server (with database clone)
Support UEFI, GPT, RAID, and > 2TB (3TB, 4TB, …) – 100% Guaranteed
Copy/Clone Raid system
Copy/Clone Ultrabook Hybrid disk system
Copy/Clone GPT disk & Dynamic disk
Clone/Copy Servers 2003/2008 /2012.

DriveClone Customer Testimonials

“a true ‘Clone’“ your product actually does provide a true ‘Clone’ of source drive, unlike some competitors that produce a non-bootable 8.1 clone. – William E.

“my wife’s new Laptop screams….!!” THANKS !!! Hello: I tried, 6 or more disk-cloning programs. even the $40 Paragon backup & Restore (boot fails) Clonezilla ( mixed the 3 start partitions up) expected. Acronis. fails EASEUS backup , fails. and many more, all failed. due to the complex nature of GPT and UEFI. etc. sys. system is brand new 7/2014 HP 17.3″ laptop , 17-e0067cl I cloned just the windows, partition, (and GPT bits) all was 3 clicks like you said. windows 8.1 (all updates) HDD >> SDD. clone: 560gb to 111gb The SSD now boots the old hdd as data space only. – Jerry H. of Texas

“Your program did exactly what it said”The other programs said clone but none of them actually cloned the HDD. They would only clone a couple of partitions and my HDD which has 3 separate partitions for recovery in addition to the EFI and OS partitions. Your program did exactly what it said and that was to clone the HDD. It even allowed me to shrink the OS partition as the HDD was 750GB and the SDD was only 500 GB. Thanks again. – Bill

“Best free home edition cloning software”User friendly, works with WIN 8.1, some claim to – but don’t. Having updated from WIN 8 to 8.1, my factory settings were no longer a suitable backup, my cloned image holds my new OS and all my programs ready to go. – fulmar1

“Again, thanks for making a truly remarkable product”I I easily cloned my failing HDD onto a NEW Samsung 500-gb SDD in less than an hour. The transfer was seamless and the laptop booted up quickly (35 seconds from a cold start) and everything works perfectly. And I didn’t have to play games with Dell over their so-called proprietary CMOS and BIOS settings. I thought enough of your software to use it INSTEAD of the Magician cloning software that came with the Samsung SDD… Again, thanks for making a truly remarkable product. – apnewsman

“successfully clones a GPT HDD to a smaller SSD” I bought a Samsung SSD and tried to use Samsung cloning tools. But, it didn’t work. However, I changed to use an Intel SSD and still get the negative result. I have tried DriveClone to clone a GPT HDD to a smaller SSD without any problems. – Brooks

“Acronis, Paragon etc could not do it as the new drive could not boot up” Your software was the only one that successfully made a clone of my gpt Windows 8 systemSSD drive on another SSD of the same model. Acronis, Paragon etc could not do it as the new drive could not boot up. – Alex, Jun, 2014 “Thanks for making an excellent and time-saving product”My Dell XPS 1645 laptop failed to recognize a new SSD (512gb) after it reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch, insisting it needed a hard drive key to unlock it. Dell will not provide the key, unless you pay them some ridiculous fee. Copied the drive on my Dell laptop using DriveClone. Everything transferred perfectly!

“I’m very impressed. It worked”I have a Sony laptop and have been reading it is almost impossible to clone the included drive and have it work properly. I need to get the slow SATA drive out and a new SSD drive in. I’m praying your product will work.

The next day: “I just completed it and I have to say I’m very impressed with the product. It worked. I’ll keep the old drive as a backup. I will definitely recommend your product and use it in my business – Rick”

“DriveImage takes far longer to clone a big disk then DriveClone”I just used DriveClone to clone a 2TB disk to a 3TB disk. It went smoothly, howerver it took over 14 hours to clone 3 partitions with 1.2TB of data all three partitions combined. So I tried another tool, DriveImage but takes far longer to clone a big disk then DriveClone. – William

“Intel migrate did not work. Your clone worked perfectly” I tried Intel migrate, did not work, the computer would not start up AOMIE, did not work, the computer would not start up and some others that I can not remember. All seemed to have problems with UEFI. I was to clone a hard drive to an Intel SSD. Your clone worked perfectly. – Nisse

“It Works! Imagine my joy in finding my cloned disk actually worked this time, thank you so much”I would like to add my thanks to your reviews for your software that lives up to expectations. I bought my machine with WIN8 installed, and found only basic recovery features included, that only allow recovery of factory state. Having upgraded to WIN8.1 I had no recovery feature to fall back on. There are several online videos describing recovery methods, I have tried a few without success. Turning to drive cloning, I tried two others before discovering DriveClone 10. Your version for home users was just what I needed, I must admit having had a string of failures, I was beginning to lose hope of having a backup drive to fall back on, imagine my joy in finding my cloned disk actually worked this time, thank you so much. John Horsfield.

“great! thx for great product!”hi, I tested a few other proudcts and all failed. Intel migrate and Acronis TrueImage HD all without luck. Downloaded test version DriveClone 10, cloned laptop drive C SSD 128G, installed cloned ssd and the first time ever succeeded, great! thx for great product! Karl.

“Clone Intel 160 GB SSD to Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB SSD! It works.” I have a Lenovo T420S with Intel 160 GB SSD. I tried to clone my Laptop SSD to the Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB SSD using the Samsung Migration software. However, I got the message “The boot configuration Data for your PC is missing or contain error.” Samsung support confirmed that presently their migration software cannot clone Windows 8.1.” Your driveclone software works. I have sucessfully migrated to 500 GB SSD. – Greg.

“the only Cloning … without any problems” Until now Farstone is the only Cloning Tool I have tried able to clone a GPT HDD to a smaller SSD without any problems. First i bought a Samsung SSD and tried to use the Samsung software – but it did not work. Then I switched to an Intel SSD and used the software included in the package – but again with negative result. BR – Per Wehner



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